For me the main purpose of the course is to be Fun to run, Fun to watch, and Fun to judge. Jan Egil Eide mentioned this phrase in his online course design lecture which I was attending back then and I fully agree with it. When I am preparing any course, my main idea is the flow, relevant speed, and opportunity to use various kinds of handling techniques. Challenging courses are my thing. I love to watch people stepping outside of their comfort zone and seeing their emotions and happy faces once they realize that even if they were stuck in "I can´t do it" mindset, they have overcome themselves and DID IT!

Already in the primary school were all my notebooks full of course sketches and sequences. So already when I was 20 years old I enrolled for judges training. I did three years of training, and after that, I became a national judge and judged competitions in Slovakia for the first seven years. Early in 2018, I was appointed as an international judge and one big adventure has started. Since then I’ve been traveling around the world and judging my beloved agility. The sport which is a big part of my life and heart. 

I judged in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Finland, Spain, and Japan. So far ;) Every country so interesting and so beautiful at the same time. Sometimes I had a smaller intercultural misunderstanding, but somehow you should deal with it. A different part of the world, different manners. Same same, but different. And this is how I like it. Check my notes below if you want to know more about an experience from my agility on the road lifestyle. 

The world is small, and the agility world is even smaller. Just hit the road and CU somewhere around. Till then you may find interesting my course building, which I added below. You can find courses that I built on the competitions as well as training courses from my seminars there. Enjoy your training wherever you are and do not be afraid to risk and to run on the edge. Enjoy, that you can. Somebody said that the trouble is, if you don't risk anything, you risk even more. And I totally agree. Anyway, let me know if you find something interesting, any course, or sequence, whatever. I would love to talk about it.


Vendu <3 

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