Heeey! Are you interested in how agility is going on around the world? Great! So you are there in the right place. I would love to connect agility all around the world. I am curious about the lifestyle of agility people, and their backgrounds. I would like to discover the history & the current situation in each country where is at least one agility addicted and she/he will be willing to share her/his agility story. Although the agility is still a relatively young sport, its base is growing and every day is getting bigger and bigger. And so it's good!

Would you be interested to share some agility experience from your country with me? So just do it! I will be happy if you contact me via email: so we can keep in touch. I would love to write about it and so spread it further to the agility world.

Vendu <3


In those times when I started with agility, in the year 2000, there were only three agility clubs in Slovakia. One in Bratislava, our capital, the second one in Košice, which is Slovakia’s second-largest city and the third one in a small town in the middle of Slovakia, in the heart of Tatras, in my town - Liptovský Hrádok. Sounds like a destiny? Who knows.


Finland is the country with one of the highest number of agility competition licenses. At the end of 2019 there were 5600 registered licenses !!! License is issued for a handler, not a team, that means that even if you compete with two or more dogs, it counts as one license. So once we are talking about agility teams, the number will rise even higher. Actually, we are talking about 14 000 teams in a country with 5,5 million inhabitants. Amazing!

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