3/7/2020, Tenerife, 4 min read

In those times when I started with agility, in the year 2000,  there were only three agility clubs in Slovakia. One in Bratislava, our capital, the second one in Košice, which is Slovakia’s second-largest city and the third one in a small town in the middle of Slovakia, in the heart of Tatras, in my town - Liptovský Hrádok. Sounds like a destiny? Who knows.

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10/6/2020, Tenerife, 4 min read

With Monika, we grew up on the agility field side by side. Even though she is eight years older than me, everybody thinks that we are the same age, cause we were always together. We started together do agility and even though Monika loves agility, after some time she started to do dog dancing as well and she can be regarded as a pioneer of dog dancing in Slovakia. Nowadays she is one of the best dogdancers in the world!

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31/5/2020, Tenerife, 7 min read

Finland is the country with one of the highest number of agility competition licenses. At the end of 2019 there were 5600 registered licenses !!! License is issued for a handler, not a team, that means that even if you compete with two or more dogs, it counts as one license. So once we are talking about agility teams, the number will rise even higher. Actually, we are talking about 14 000 teams in a country with 5,5 million inhabitants. Amazing!

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Pass me the toilet paper, not Corona,            Agility judges edition video


6/5/2020, Tenerife, 7 min read

This Monday morning, the first thing that caught my attention was a FB video made by agility people from South America where they are passing a toilet paper to each other. Actually, it made my day.

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