Online class

This class is dedicated to all agility fans/ addicts/ folks who would like to run my courses on their own. Don’t worry if you don’t have a whole set of obstacles, there is always a way to adjust the course according to your options. If your training space is limited you can train the course in sequences.   

Agility training with Eliot and girls from agility club Guimar, Tenerife. Let's have some agility fun together ;)


What will you learn? 

- proper handling

- how to find the best lines for your team

- since each dog is individual and different our aim will be to find the best handling for your team


What can you expect?

3 lessons 

3 coursedesigns + 3 videos of me running those courses

One month when you can send me an unlimited amount of your training videos and I will give you full feedback on your handling.


There are two options how to participate. You can choose between WORKING SPOT or AUDITOR. If you choose the working spot, you will send me your training videos and will receive my feedback. As an auditor, you will get the course designs plus my videos.  


Class price 

Working spot - 79€
Auditor - 29€

CU in class!