Monika Olšovská

by Vendula                                                                                                             10/6/2020  •  4 min read


With Monika, we grew up on the agility field side by side. Even though she is eight years older than me, everybody thinks that we are the same age, cause we were always together. And the fact is that she still looks younger than she is. I love the story when Monika, who works as a teacher in a school, took a bus to work, which was full of her students, and the bus driver asked her: “ kid's ticket?”. Btw her specialization is speech therapy and she uses her dogs for canistherapy as well. 

Since I can remember we were in all agility competitions together and often we used to fight each other for the first place as we both were competing in the small category. Only competitions where I attended alone were Junior European Championships. Anyway, a part of her was there with me since she lent me her dog Kincsem to compete with, in order to have a complete four members team. Kincsem was a funny dog and she always came up with some absurdity. She’s never disappointed. We could count on her every time.

In the case of the Junior European Championship, she ate the whole bucket of dog food that my roommates had for their dogs. Kincsem stayed alone for half an hour and she managed to find a well-hidden and closed bucket full of granules for two border terriers that was planned for four days and eat everything. Exactly a day before the competition. She couldn’t even walk when I found her and the next day I was picking her poops all day long. Anyhow, the Slovakian small team finished in the third position so maybe her shit brought us luck. :)
European Open Junior, Czech Republic, 2004
Slovakian youngster representation and in the middle
Monika's Kincsem (grey one), my Zombie (white one), and me. 
The favorite joke of Monika and me was to borrow Milan's wheelchair, Milan was chairman of our club, push each other, and observe people’s reactions once we stood up and continued to walk normally. I know, little bit crazy joke, but trust me it’s interesting how people look at you when you are disabled, this regretful look, but HEY there is no room for it!

Even though Monika loves agility, after some time she started to do dog dancing as well and she can be regarded as a pioneer of dog dancing in Slovakia. For those who don’t know this relatively young dog sport yet, the dog dancing is a choreography compiled of a variety of interlinked exercises to a musical background to create the illusion of dancing. 


In 2008 she introduced dog dancing to the public whilst competing in “Slovakia Got Talent” with her dog Dream and made it to the semifinals. After a few years, she danced her way to the finals of “Czech & Slovakia Got Talent” with her bitch Arsi. Of course, I was there in the audience and I was super proud of her. 

They accomplished a lot of awards from the World and European Championships and she attended Crufts as well, the world's greatest dog show in England, where she finished twice in the third position among dog dancers from around the world. The last time in 2016 she totally rocked with her beautiful routine The Little Match girl and won the whole competition. No more words needed, Monika is a great role model for me. She proved that if you follow your dreams and work on them consistently then you will definitely achieve them.  


Monika & Arsi and their beautiful routine Hiroshima, Crufts 2014
Nowadays Monika lives with her husband in our hometown in the north of Slovakia and they have together four children. Two-legged, girls Barborka & Terezka, 9 & 4 years, and two four-legged, border collies Paige and her son Bambi, 5 & 1 year. One big family. <3
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