Vendula Hausnerová


“We will buy you a dog, once we build the house.” I was a child and that was a typical answer of my parents to my never-ending questions about finally having a dog. Now, I am 32 years old, Eliot is my fifth dog already and I am so thankful to my parents that eventually they did not keep their word because foundations of their dream house were built only last year. 

I started with Agility in 2000. I started and I haven't finished yet. It's been 20 years now as I am writing these lines.

Agility is a big part of my life and heart. I trained and competed with all of my dogs and each of them allowed me to look at this sport from a different point of view. So many competitions, feelings, experiences, and a lot of fun. 

I love to meet other competitors, other trainers and to attend their seminars cause I am truly convinced that everybody we meet has something to teach us. There are so many handling styles, training philosophies, and approaches to this relatively young sport that if we want to improve then just the sky is our border. 

Already in the primary school were all my notebooks full of course sketches and sequences. So when I was 20 years old I enrolled for judges training. I did three years of training, and after that, I became a national judge and judged competitions in Slovakia for the first seven years. 

For me the main purpose of the course is to be Fun to run, Fun to watch, and Fun to judge. Jan Egil Eide mentioned this phrase in his online course design lecture and I fully agree with it. Early in 2018, I was appointed as an international judge and one big adventure has started. Since then I’ve been traveling around the world, leading seminars, and judging my beloved agility. 

I am here to help, support, entertain, and to share part of my agility life road with you. I love to communicate and therefore feel free to contact me if you have any comments, questions, or warm words.

So welcome one more time and enjoy your time on this website. After all, the world is so small and maybe we will meet somewhere on the agility field soon... 

Vendula <3

Tricks, more tricks, and even more tricks.
I love to train them because it's kind of "guess what I am thinking" game between me and Eliot. It is the moment when we are together " right now and right here" and of course it helps to build his body muscles and especially " the brain muscle".
I love to judge and see so many handler’s styles and attitudes inside the ring. 
I love to train other people and see their happy faces when they are crossing their own limits.
And last but not least I love to run with Eliot. Hell yes!
It is a big party to go to the ring. Adrenaline is pumping, heartbeat increases, concentration is at maximum. You know what I am talking about, right?
Pure joy.  ;)  
I've always loved flying. To fly somewhere far away, for adventure... 
Eliot flew with me for the first time in 2016, when we flew to Spain for the Agility World Championships and it was a quite comfortable experience.
I was convinced that traveling with a dog can be even easier than I thought before.
I can’t wait to be back on the agility judging track again. Anyway, this photo was made during a break between runs on a great competition Lord of the winter in Slovakia. No, of course, I do not smile like this when somebody is eliminated, the thing is that I was judging with my good friend Seppo Saviko during that weekend and it seems he affected me. :)

“We had a great chance to train with Vendula this morning at Niinu Agility Sport. KasKas was sooo great and we left home with so much positive energy.☀️ It was so great that I just smiled the whole day. You have to come back soon! Thank you!” 

— Marjo Viljamaa, Finland

“I am so happy that you visited Finland and did coaching! I was losing my motivation, but you bring it back. I love that you drive me to run and work harder and challenged me to try to break my limits of running and do the different ways that I have been banging my head against the wall. Thank you so much! 
This was a very important training for me. Trofi is good and I have felt sorry for her that I am so slow to learn and she have to run whit me but you made me feel progress and developing. Trofi says Ďakujem ” 

— Jonna Malmberg, Finland

“Hello, Vendula. I met you at Kochi. Your seminar was very impressive to me. I would like to practice a lot more.
And l want to enjoy agility with Mimi so I appreciate your advice.
I am looking forward to seeing you again.” 

— Rei Aono, Japan

“Today my heart has been stolen !!! I have known Vendula as a judge and what joy! My goodness, how Maika came out on the ring and how I enjoyed her, like never before !! Today undeniably joins my almanac of the best experiences lived to this day in agility. And of course, Vendula becomes one of my TOP, TOP judges !!! Hopefully, we can enjoy you again very soon!!!

Vendula infinite thanks for the courses you have prepared have been BRUTAL! My Maika has been spectacular, she has raced like never before and you have "forced" me to make changes in my handling. Really, super grateful for the challenge, because I don't always have the opportunity to find clues like today. You have taken me out of my comfort zone and I thank you a thousand !! And the best thing of all is that you have brought out that my "sausage dog" can do what you put on it !!! I have felt "oh I'm not going to get there" with her and reality was "oops, I'm late". And I loved it !!!
I'm leaving with two eliminations which I will remember as the best of triumphs !!! Please more eliminations like these !!!” 

— Emma, Spain